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General Help

RydeKing is India's first peer to peer car sharing service. We match up people who need to rent a car with car owners who don't drive every day. So whenever you need one, a car is now just nearby.
We're just like a car club, except we don't own a fleet of vehicles. All the cars available for rent on RydeKing are owned by people who live near you but don't use their car all the time. Just like a car club, we give you the flexibility to use a nearby car whenever you need one. Car rentals can be for hours, days, weeks or even months. Unlike most car clubs, we have cars available all across Bangalore (and other cities in India soon). You can join RydeKing for free through invite; it only takes a few minutes.

The average car in Bangalore and other Indian cities is driven for just 14 hours a week and the cost of owning and running a car these days is enough to make your eyes water. RydeKing lets you earn money from your car, whenever it's not being used. Renting out your car to your friends, neighbors, and colleagues just once a week can earn you over INR2000 a month. You can see what your car could earn you with a free, instant rental price valuation.

You set your own rental price, decide exactly who can drive your car and when it's available. RydeKing handles all the hassle, including providing fully comprehensive insurance for the duration of every rental. Lots of car owners also use RydeKing to rent cars when their own isn't quite right for the job. You can pop around town in a MUV, grab a SUV for a family weekend break, or hop in a luxury sedan for a trip to Mysore.

The great thing about renting a car from a real person is feeling assured that the car will be clean and well looked after. It also means that you can pick someone who lives nice and near you. Other than having diverse car rental fleet in the country available to rent, you also get much more flexibility with the length of the rental (anything from 1 hour to 6 months!) and pick up and drop off times. So you can pick the perfect car for each trip. In addition, your cost to rent is likely much lower than market rental rate as the car sharing owner are sharing their free car time for your need. Start with a search to see what you could drive.

We screen every car before it is allowed to join the RydeKing service and all of our members are security checked. Each of our drivers has their driving history verified through a valid driving license, ID proof and behavior profile through Facebook or LinkedIn before they can submit a booking request. On top of it, the insurance RydeKing arranges protects all rentals made through the service with an insurance product that has been created especially for our members. In the unlikely event of an accident, the vehicle owner's existing insurance is not affected. At the end of a booking, members are invited to review their experience - these reviews give a great indication of the member's trustworthiness and reliability. You can also check out each member’s profile page to see if you are happy to rent with him or her.

We think RydeKing is a brilliant and obvious idea that needed to exist. Cars sitting parked for days on end are a waste of both money and space. We don't see the point in new cars being made while so many that already exist are underutilized. We want people to make better use of the cars that are on the road, saving our members money and doing our small bit to help the planet in the process.

For technical or payment-related customer service questions, please email hi@rydeking. All customer service emails are normally responded to within 24 hours, but it may take us slightly longer at busy times of the year.

For urgent booking queries (such as in the event of an accident, breakdown, or late car return) please call us any time on +91-9900144770.

For everything else, please email hi@rydeking and your email will be passed straight on to the appropriate person.

Owners Help

We accept cars registered in any city in India that is in a running condition.

If you need to disable your listing for any reason, e.g. you have to take your car for repairs, etc. it's easy!

Log into your account, click on your name and then go to the "My Car" page and click on "Disable Listing".

When you're ready to place it back on the site for renting, click on “Enable Listing”.

Absolutely! For owners of cars you will have the opportunity to review the circumstances of each potential rental. In addition to considering the timing of requests you can review each renter's profile which includes personal information about the renter, information about the number of trips he or she has taken as well as reviews from other car owners like you. Once somebody makes a request to rent your car final decision is still yours.
In your car description you should clearly articulate any limitations you would like the renter to respect, i.e. you may write “your trips should be limited to local area, i.e., cannot be driven outside Karnataka or no more than 100 kms per day”. When the renter requests your car, you should again emphasize your preferences directly to them.
You are required to ensure that your vehicle complies with all laws and regulations with regard to vehicle safety, condition and operation. We advise that you obtain a Safety Inspection by following LTA guidelines to ensure your car is safe to operate. A typical Safety Inspection includes these areas listed by LTA guidelines on System of a Vehicle to be Checked.
If there is damage caused while a renter is using your car, we will obtain the pertinent details from the renter, including the police report, and file a claim. A representative from our Claims Department will then contact you and guide you through the claims process.
No, your insurance should not be affected. When you drive your car, you are covered under your existing policy. However, when rental car sharing through the RydeKing service, we provide an insurance policy to protect them, you and your car. If they get into an accident, our insurance policy will go into effect, leaving your personal policy untouched. Your policy likely has a specific exclusion for coverage for when you rent out your car, which is precisely why RydeKing has purchased this insurance policy for you.
You get paid by the renter on a mutually agreed price. In our current version the service is completely free for use and we don't charge any commissions to owner or renter. You should charge the agreed price to the renter before you hand over the keys to your car.
You set the daily price for your car! We do suggest a price based on your car's current market value but finally the decision is yours.
Availability, pricing and marketing are all key in earning more money! Make sure the reviews are filled out, your car is in clean and good condition and you have calendar set correctly. also, set the price reasonable.
Driver record check: Every renter must submit his or her ID proof, driving license for screening before being allowed to rent a car.

Renters Help

You can sign up using your Facebook account or with your personal email address. Before you make your reservation with RydeKing, we will ask you to verify your phone number, input your date of birth, upload your IC and driving license. With this information we pull your driving history to make sure it meets our eligibility requirements.
At this moment, RydeKing doesn't open to drivers only with foreign licenses. However, you could send a copy of your foreign driving license to hi@rydeking to prove that you have >2 years of driving experience.
Yes. All renters must be 21 and over.
Ryders are supposed to give back the car with the same fuel levels as when they took it.
Once your rental is approved by the owner we will share your contact information with the owner and it will be up to two of you to mutually decide and agree on location where you can exchange keys and documents.
In its current phase, RydeKing is a free service so any damage will be setteled between the owner and the renter. Renter should provide the losses incurred to the owner.